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How to worsen your life quality

So since all life at my age seems to be about having fun and since girls don't even want relationships at my age as it seems. Here a secret: They NEVER want relationships, they are like seagulls looking beautiful but when it comes to relationships they only engage for life.

This being said I thought about to increase my well being by beeing a little more sarcastic about everything. Now what I experienced what makes people happy and laughing is to tell complete bullshit about somebody... start of seriously and then mention, that they did something really incredibly stupid at the wiredest time and they will crack up.

In combination to that you should sometimes... do this now... pull up your shoulders... thats right... pull your head in like a turtle for a little, pull your eyelids close and chuckle.

And the very best at the finish line: State how you feel in the inverse and explain very detailed what you love or hate about the it. Dry and sarcastic. And always suggest what others could do. If it seems stupid... don't stop them.

This was the word of the sunday.

2.12.13 12:43
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